giovedì 17 aprile 2014

UBU - Urban Beauty United: gli accessori beauty super cool!


Siete super-cool e vi conquistano i must have? yoU Be yoU fa per voi.
Accessori beauty super-cool dal look divertente che codificano con il colore la funzione d'uso: "deep purple" "hard pink" e "sunny orange" disegnano una linea di prodotti dal look deciso che seduce chi sa cosa vuole!

Pennelli per il viso e per gli occhi, pinzette, spugne per applicare il fondotinta, piegaciglia, temperini, specchietti, ma anche prodotti dedicati interamente alla manicure e pedicure, UBU fa per voi!

UBU è disponibile in profumeria e nei migliori reparti di cosmetica.

UBU è distribuito in esclusiva per l'Italia da Simca srl.

(Per ingrandire le immagini, cliccate su di esse! E se non sono abbastanza grandi, cliccate col destro del mouse "apri immagine in un'altra scheda" e fate uno zoom!)

Buona giornata,

martedì 15 aprile 2014

Novità: da Be Chic la collezione limited edition Nature Voyage

Be Chic presenta la nuova collezione Primavera Jewels + Makeup.
Viaggio, colore ed energia sono l’ispirazione di Be Chic Nature Voyage, Collezione Primavera 2014 che, per la prima volta, unisce il mondo Jewels al mondo Make up.
Luoghi esotici, tessuti indiani e colori naturali sono l’ispirazione per questa collezione vitale e vibrante che grazie a dettagli e personalità risulta trasversale e individuale al tempo stesso.
Tre mondi colore da i quali Be Chic prende ispirazione per realizzare per la prima volta una collezione Jewels & Make up innovativa e inconsueta.
I gioielli sono di design esclusivo Be Chic e nickel free.

Exotic Family

Bracciali rigidi supercolorati.
Da indossare da soli, abbinati tra loro in nuance o a contrasto per un look grintoso e sempre alla moda.
Bangle Electric Blue: colore acceso e vivace.
Bangle Orange: colore caldo e profondo.
Prezzo al pubblico consigliato 15,50 euro/pezzo.

Bracciale impreziosito da charms in metallo smaltato che abbina colori di grande tendenza.
Exotic: colori tenui e sobri, ispirati ai tramonti esotici.
Tonalità Rhodium Silver.
Prezzo al pubblico consigliato 15,90 euro.

Texture morbida e facilmente sfumabile.
Tratto preciso e intenso, scorrevole e a lunga durata.
Colore brillante per uno sguardo che conquista.
Electric Blue. Made in Italy.
Prezzo al pubblico consigliato 6,90 euro.

Collana lunga, impreziosita da charms in metallo smaltato.
Exotic: colori tenui e sobri, ispirati ai tramonti esotici.
Tonalità Rhodium Silver.
Prezzo al pubblico consigliato 18,90 euro.

Ombretto duo ad alta concentrazione di pigmenti.
Texture morbida e fondente.
Applicazione facile e colore estremamente sfumabile.
Electric Blue - Orange. Made in Italy.
Prezzo al pubblico consigliato 7,90 euro.

lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Alcohol Free Perfumes: A Lovely Choice For Spring or Any Time

When spring is in the air, choosing a new floral perfume scent can feel especially refreshing. Whether you like the wild sweetness of honeysuckle or lily of the valley or more hothouse type fragrances such as roses or gardenia, it can be fun to find a scent that feels uniquely you.

(image taken from the web)

While many women enjoy wearing perfume, some common frustrations include the scent wearing off too quickly or the scent causing irritation or even an allergic reaction. 
If you’ve struggled with either of those challenges in the past, it might be a good idea to shop for alcohol free fragrances for women

Many people don’t realize that most major perfumes contain a high percentage of alcohol and water in addition to fragrance. 

While it may look like you’re getting more for your money, because of the seeming larger amount of perfume in the bottle, alcohol dilutes or disguises the specific scent of the perfume and causes the scent to fade faster as the alcohol evaporates. 

(image taken from the web)

Alcohol can also cause skin dryness or irritation in some women. 
If you’ve had these problems in the past, you might be tempted to forgot using perfume entirely. Before you make that choice, check these pure perfume oils. 
You will likely be satisfied by their clear, identifiable fragrances, their gentleness to your skin, and how long they last.

sabato 12 aprile 2014

New Giveaway! *For UK and Italy only*

Hello beautiful,

here I am with a new giveaway, to say thank you for your support and for being such lovely followers.

Here's what you can win:
  1. A cute complete Manicure Set in fucsia and black polka dot pattern, it includes a nail file, a pair of cuticle scissors, nail clippers, tweezers and a 4-way nail buffer which also turns into a handy stand.
  2. Elemis pro-intense lift effect night cream anti-ageing 15ml
  3. Miners nail polish in MI8037 Jezebel, a nice fucsia 9ml
  4. Miners Maxi Mascara Waterproof Black 8ml
  5. Miners lipstick Matte Effect in MI7026 Wonderland, a nice corally nude
  6. Grace Cole England Coconut and Lime Lip Balm 12ml
  7. Miners Fresh Faced Powder paraben free in MI1022 Soft Sand
  8. A sachet of Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan with green tea and calendula 15ml
  9. A pair of white gloves from Start With Legs 100% cotton, which protects hosiery from finger nails and jewelry when you put on your tights, size M
  10. 2 Beauty Pro Collagen Infused Facial Mask Brightening Treatment with Vitamin C 15min treatment, improves skin tone and complexion while diminishing the signs of aging, for all skin types
  11. Dermalogica Daytime Radiance set of 3 products: SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 7ml, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 10ml daytime moisturizer, Multivitamin Power Firm 5ml.
A little treat for your beauty, now that spring has come!
Here's a detailed view of the prizes:

To enter just follow the Rafflecopter widget below, remembering that the first bold black actions are MANDATORY, and the rest are optional but give you more chances to win!

VERY IMPORTANT THING is that you cannot enter if you aren't from Italy or UK, I'm repeating this because in the previous giveaway I've done, there were also people from other countries, so please be sure that you read the rules carefully before entering a giveaway!

The giveaway will last until the 2nd of May 2014, because I will be away until this date, so I would not be able to extract a winner earlier.
Please keep sharing!

Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

The perfect spring shoes!

Colorful and flower patterned, these are the key features of this season's shoes.

Whether high heeled or flats, shoes complement an outfit and give a touch of fashion and sensuality to every woman.

Here is a selection of shoes you can take inspiration from, if you aren't sure about which shoes to wear or if you need new pairs. These are very unexpensive ones!

Check it out.

A gorgeous high heel, with the colours of the sea. I can see the sun shining over the beach on these shoes!

A glamourous sandal with a metallic detail like a jewel for a particular touch. Very feminine.

High pumps with little flowers, perfect with any dress! Girly and sexy.